Ortus #1: Futures

“In the Year of Our Economy-Destroying Pandemic 2020, it can often feel as if time has stopped, or has been twisted into a tight loop through which we repeat the same day over and over. Wake up, eat, scroll, sleep. But time hasn’t stopped. Canada’s last ice sheet collapsed, nation-wide insurrection shocked the American public, the Amazon rainforest threatens to tip over into a savannah state, while millions of people across Asia, Africa and the Middle East live under threat of starvation thanks to swarms of billions of ravenous locusts—all this (and more!) as the temperatures swell and the Earth system continues to destabilise. The future rushes towards us as quickly as ever. We invite you to tell us what that future may look like.”

Current Publications

Neoleviathan: Political Blueprints for the Post-Collapse

“Total hopelessness. Hope will never fill your belly, as Aesop said. Every leap of faith, every absurdist affirmation, every utopian dream pretending to be “scientific” is exposed as an echoing banality and turfed out into the shit where it belongs. The only limit of nastiness is plausibility, and the only possibility of good is when it is the only option.”

A monograph-in-progress by metaspinoza.

Heidegger at the End of the World

“No, I do actually think that Heidegger’s onto something (or on something) that is currently gripping our modern world with horrendously disorienting force. Something about reality itself, or at least our being in it. So, I’m turning to him partially, yes, as opposition research, but also as a real person asking for help. At this point I’ll really ask anybody.”

An ongoing series of reports, journalistic, off-beat, and philosophical, by Andrejs Mantenieks. Do Heidegger’s Basic Problems of Phenomenology hold the key to understanding today’s violent madness?