While submissions for Futures have now closed, we do welcome general submissions and pitches for both individual pieces and monographs/series for publication on the website.


Send your submissions/pitches as an attachment to, along with:

  • The work title.
  • The name under which you want to be credited.
  • A short bio.
  • If applicable, references written in MHRA format.

Not sure if you should send? Check out our dos and donts!

Do send

  • Completed fiction, non-fiction, musical, visual, etc. submissions with an explanation of why you think your work is a good fit for Ortus
  • Pitches for essays and monographs you haven’t completed writing yet, especially if you’re happy to work to a periodic release schedule
  • Anything interesting! We’re interested in publishing more than just philosophy and politics

Don’t send

  • Things that are bad
  • Things that will get us put on a list
  • Questionable screeds about Cultural Marxists
  • Neoleviathan: Political Blueprints for the Post-Collapse
    • (We’re already publishing it)
  • Untranslated Greek
  • Memes
  • Any of the above “ironically”