Ortus Journal

Featured image by Jesse Schwab

A Treatise on Enmanglement

Emerging on the clearnet once more, and soon to be published for the first time in hardcopy, Sarah Adnil’s proclamation of the inevitable Flesh MONAD comes to Ortus Journal in the form of a revised version two, siphoned to us by the Adnil Research Group in early 2022.

Plus de Sublation

Treydon L’s essay on “Substantial Difference and Formal Repetition” explores themes such as divinity, the Real, and the mind of God. It is the first of our off-season publications.

Ortus Journal #1: Futures – Digital

Futures is the first issue of Ortus. It features 12 essays, 5 pieces of prose, 8 pieces of poetry, and 8 artworks and songs.

The physical edition can be purchased here.

Cover Art for Plus de Sublation and Futures by Louie Claesson.

The Technological Society: An Introduction

“Our technological society is not technological simply because we use a lot of technology; it is technological because we have become elements of technique.”

Nihilist Communism’s essay and introduction to Jacques Ellul’s ‘The Technological Society’ condenses a long and important work into a primer as enjoyable as it is necessary to read.

Cover Art by Sophie Fretter

Neoleviathan: Political Blueprints for the Post-Collapse

“Total hopelessness. Hope will never fill your belly, as Aesop said. Every leap of faith, every absurdist affirmation, every utopian dream pretending to be “scientific” is exposed as an echoing banality and turfed out into the shit where it belongs. The only limit of nastiness is plausibility, and the only possibility of good is when it is the only option.”

Neoleviathan is a monograph by metaspinoza.

Heidegger at the End of the World

“No, I do actually think that Heidegger’s onto something (or on something) that is currently gripping our modern world with horrendously disorienting force. Something about reality itself, or at least our being in it. So, I’m turning to him partially, yes, as opposition research, but also as a real person asking for help. At this point I’ll really ask anybody.”

An ongoing series of reports, journalistic, off-beat, and philosophical, by Andrejs Mantenieks. Do Heidegger’s Basic Problems of Phenomenology hold the key to understanding today’s violent madness?

Cover Art for Neoleviathan and Heidegger at the End of the World by Louie Claesson.