Perpetual Flora

In a speculative post-apocalyptic future where all tall buildings have fallen down and man has moved to live underground, almost 100% of the planet’s surface is covered in water. The apocalypse makes way for a new way of living. An ideal way of living where every single process in the world has become completely circular.

Perpetual flora is representative of the manifestation of circularity.

This floating water-based plant grows long stems with big flowers in the spring season. When the flowers are in full bloom the plant gets top-heavy and gets turned upside down. The stems of the flowers turn into new roots of the plants. And the now-exposed roots in turn grow back into the stems for new flowers. Repeating its cycle endlessly.

Keke van de Ven was born in 1994. They are a visual artist, and graduated from AKV-Sint-joost Den Bosch. Their website can be found at